To vote, you have to be a member of Club Sincoolka and you have to either login to SINIS, or connect to the dormitory network. If you are a student accommodated at one of the dormitories, you may vote your delegate offline - the dates for offline voting will be announced when the electronic voting starts.
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2022–23 Board 2nd By-election Results

The results have been published at Club's website. Congratulations to all our elected members and thank you all for participating!

All the candidates

Delegate of the Club

nomination poster
nomination poster
nomination poster
nomination poster

Delegate of Sinkuleho dormitory

nomination poster

Delegate of Dejvická dormitory

nomination poster


Podrobné informace k volbám, včetně dokumentu s vyhlášením, jsou dispozici na wiki klubu Sincoolka!

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Stanovy klubu Sincoolka PDF
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